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Toni Wilen
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Beta 13:

- Mainboard SCSI controllers didn't initialize correctly (A3000/A4000T/CDTV) (b12)
- "Do not force full display reset.." update made it worse, should be better now (b12)
- I finally bothered to carefully re-examine AR3 freezer behavior, emulation updated, should now match real hardware, previously unsupported features like autofire work.
- If copper DMA is switched off mid-instruction, allow instruction to finish. Fixes AR2 weird copper list detection code.
- Added RDB mode HD geometry GUI support. (RDB mode geometry option = what IDE Identify Device and SCSI MODE SENSE Format Parameters/Rigid Disk Geometry returns). Very old controllers may require custom geometry.
- Added HD/CF IDE harddrive GUI option. Currently only difference is in IDE Identify Device word 0 identifier. (Cause for infamous hdtoolbox "Unit is not a disk (Type 7)" error)
- Added GUI IDE and SCSI version selection to hardfile panel. IDE has ATA-1, ATA-2+ (old default, returns ATA-6 to allow LBA48 support and more) and ATA-2+ Strict which drops ATA-1 feature that become optional in ATA-2, triggering A600/A1200/A4000 IDE driver bug that causes infamous "max transfer bug". (No, it isn't drive bug) SCSI has SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 options. Currently only real difference is INQUIRY version number, some old software (like original A590/A2091 install disk) require SCSI-1 version.
- Added Archos ADD-500 emulation.
- Added AdSCSI Advantage 2000 emulation.
- Internal enforcer emulation hit can break to debugger, enable/disable with 'fen' debugger command.
- SCSI Read Defect Data command: return empty defect header instead of Defect List Not Found error. (ADD-500 driver gets confused if Read Defect Data command does not return any data)
- WD33C93 SCSI devices didn't support multiple units (b12)
- Added hack that fixes max overscan scrolling in demo Seven Seas / Andromeda. (Demo has workaround for chipset bug that causes right edge to have a vertical gap if BPLCON1 is larger than zero. Hack is currently needed because glitch happens when hpos=0 and emulation is not designed to handle bitplane changes that cross virtual scanlines). Glitch was not emulated until few versions ago, demo worked only accidentally previously.
- Added Windows 10 TP bug workaround, for some reason dialog window is visible before WM_INITDIALOG message (documentation specifically says it won't be visible until after WM_INITDIALOG) and also dialog is set as not visible. Fixes quickly appearing and disappering empty WinUAE GUI panel each time GUI is opened.

AdSCSI Advantage 2000:
- 5380 based fake DMA.
- First 5380 based driver that uses chip's arbitrate bit instead of assuming AdSCSI is the only initiator.
- 1.6 ROM added. (Anyone have later? At least 1.9 exists)
- RDB parser is not fully compatible, does not load all filesystems (for example PFS3).

Archos ADD-500:
- Yet another 5380 based fake DMA SCSI controller.
- v1.21 ROM added.
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