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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Indeed, let us talk about Amiga systems from a black hat's point of view. How easy us it to run any given binary and access all data (disk and RAM) on Amiga systems? I'm not sure how capable browsers on Amiga is with JavaScript, but I would totally expect a JavaScript to have full access to entire system. And then there is abusing datatype aware programs to inject commands, trick users into running scripts etc that literally takes over the entire system.
Amiga OS is wide open in every security aspect. Windows XP can be hacked using unpatched exploits while Amiga OS can't even be patched.

Multiuser does not mean multiple people using one computer, it means multiple layers of security, where different "users" (owners of processes) have different access to resources such as memory, storage and everything. Without this in place, a system should not really be exposed to Internet.
Care to explain why this is required for security?
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