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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
Perhaps the Snes9x testbuild works better in 8/8.1 ?
Sure, I can always give it a bash.

The thing is time and also the fact that I don't have Windows 8 / 8.1 installed on any of my laptops.

It's not to say that I won't try though; also for the sake of my brother (and that's the reason why I updated this old project which was really for use on Windows XP being back in 2005).

I did try "Higan" as you suggested on my Windows 7 64bit / Intel i5 2.3GHz / NVIDIA GT 540M / 8GB laptop but it ran like a dog... If I was to implement different versions / new emulators then I don't want to break the existing Windows XP / Windows 7 compatibility so would need to come up with an additional file structure to keep this in place.

To make a SNES DVD that works perfectly across 3 / 4 Windows operating systems which have been over 10+ years... Definitely possible but more work
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