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Lha in Winuae

Hey folks,

I'm trying to track down a copy of ASM-ONE and some other applications but I can't seem to find an adf file anywhere but there are loads of resources in lha format so I'd like to learn to use them with Winuae as they seem to be mostly applications that I'd want but I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do.

I found some vague instructions telling me I should extract the files in windows then mount the folder in Winuae and then "just run it" and I did that but I'm unclear on exactly how to run it? I'm brand new to all this and just need a little help.

I just want to be clear on what's happening -

I'm in Winuae, I go to the hard drive section, I click on 'Add directory or archive', I click ' select directory' and search for the folder with my extracted files and select it.

Now what?

I've run workbench and am looking for something that resembles a hard disc but I can't find anything, nor can I see any way of even viewing the files in Winuae.

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