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Originally Posted by rsn8887 View Post
It worked perfectly without crashing after I switched to DirectSound (at the expense of quality, e.g. crackling). This never happened in 3.0.0 as far as I can recall. I will try to find out more tonight or in the next few days, and will append configs etc. once I know more.
Need to narrow it down to single beta but also make sure there has not been any driver/windows updates.. This really sounds like a driver bug.

I don't remember any sound driver related changes in any recent betas.

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
On booting there are a lot of accesses to the CD drive, and eventually I get the purple insert disk screen; the system doesn't boot from hard disk as it should.
WD based controller emulation didn't really work if more than 1 unit was enabled. (b12 big change side-effect). Fixed in next beta.

What is page 0? It's listed as vendor-specific in the SCSI spec.
I think it was only documented in some really old SCSI-1 spec. I don't remember anymore..

Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
With the latest beta I have been getting some crashes at different times. Sometimes when I press F12, Restart, Start, it will crash. Sometimes it is during regular use.

I am programming and running/testing my program. My program doesn't crash to cause WinUAE to crash. It may be related, it may not. Posting just in case.
All dumps have same cause, something to do with cyberstorm mk3/ppc scsi device free/init but attached config is from unexpanded amiga.

Attach correct config and winuaelog.txt.
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