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Originally Posted by mc68060 View Post
What I have always dreamed about is a tool that allows me to write to the Amiga RAM disk from the Windows side. Is that very difficult to implement?

This can be done with Amiga Explorer. You can run AExplorer in WinUAE and then access it with the Amiga Explorer GUI on Windows.

It is a bit more difficult to configure with OS4, though. OS4 can only access the outside through the A2065 interface which is connected to a virtual NAT router in WinUAE. In order to access AExplorer from the Windows side you have to enable port-forwarding in the virtual router for port 356. I know that this is possible by manually adding some lines to WinUAE's configuration file, but I don't find the thread any more which describes the details.

Edit: found the thread:

You add slirp_ports=356 to the config file, then you can run AExplorer in WinUAE and access all your Amiga disks from Windows Explorer, including Ram Disk. Tried it, it works.

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