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Convert me? I doubt it

Unless if someone makes a series of RPGs that, when in battle mode, you have to play Uridium 2 or something like that

I played a little bit more of Vandal Hearts 2. It's no ordinary RPG reallty, it playes more like Snatcher. with menus to make your choices. You don't "walk" with your character, you just tell him where to go. There is some *slight* adult content which surprised me, but it's very soft and hidden. If you are a kid, you won't understand it, but if you are grown-up, you will see it.

There are some stupid stuff that you find in ANY rpg, like people telling you some nonsense, so you can just understand the plot better (In the beggining, you have to find a certain man, and when you look for him in the tavern, everyone talks about the history of the village, and if they saw the man or not). But the main thing really is its battle mode, which is just fantastic. So far, I only have 4 heroes in my party. If the party goes bigger, I can see some big, great battles happening. It plays like Battle Isle or something like that, just MUCH better.

I may search for Suikoden then, if you say it's good
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