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Originally Posted by Vlad View Post
Jens, it is not about complaining but rather finding others with similar problems. Remember first ACA 1230/56 overheating? The whole troubleshooting was done right here at eab, in nothing other but the news section (my account got deleted somehow though, same nick). Or the turbo chameleon 64 on Yahoo groups where you actually expressed your gratitude for detailed reports (I did solder that capacitor myself ) .

Btw - I'm on a replacement RapidRoad already, so I doubt the fault is in this actual module. It would be nice to know what hardware have those that got it to work, what set patch version etc. It is a hobby, I believe for you also, so setting up 'official' support forum for your products would really be very helpful, and most likely reduce your own workload.

Vlad - I'm not certain its your configuration. As its similar to mine.

I have an A4000D + Warp Engine + XSurf 100 + Rapid Road + WB 3.1 and it works without issue. Stock A4000 power supply and using Voodoo 3 card (Picasso 96) via Mediator 4000D. I've had the RR installed since November last year and its been running great.
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