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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Wrong place to complain - contact your reseller or me if you have bought directly. That's where you get support.

This is a news forum, not intended for support.
I know I'm not the only one "complaining" and I'm not primarily here for support, and it appears I've already exhausted all options from the retailer's perspective, and will be proceeding with refunds (unfortunately the first one returned appears to have been lost in transit). The news to share on this forum is that these devices don't work on every system, and to warn others of this fact (and prevent them making the same mistakes as some of us already have) as this information is not available on the retailer's websites or wiki pages.

I understand there's plenty of different Amiga configurations out there, and possibly no two are alike, but I strongly believe as much information as possible needs to be shared that may affect a person's decision in purchasing a product. It's not the product I have a problem with, but the fact there's known system configurations it wont work with and this information is not publically available (eg: at the point of sale/retailer's website/wiki).

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