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What UNIX do you have experience with? Do we see OSX users complain about password prompts showing up every 5 minutes? AmigaOS in any of its current incarnations are dead end systems, they just don't hold up against anything - if any of them gain enough popularity to atract malware of any type, they are most easy target ever!
I installed Cinnamon Mint Linux on an old PC to try it out. It's supposed to be one of the easiest to use Unix descendants. Users who only browse the web might be happy but I tried to setup SMB and do some programming. It's sudo this and sudo that enter password again and again. I could probably read a bookshelf worth of texts and maybe be able to get something done but the Amiga is way easier and I can do power user stuff in 1/10 of the time. Sure, the Amiga needs to get better at security, maybe up to what WindowsXP was. It was not annoying and secure enough but M$ antiquated it for "security" reasons.

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And sorry, I only see OS4 as a marginal upgrade from 3.x, it is really just a rehash of the same old same old, now on PowerPC.
AmigaOS 4 is at least a more complete and modern OS. AmigaOS 3 can hold it's own due to the fact that it is modular but needs add-ons. AmigaOS modularity, shared "pure" code libraries and pre-emptive multitasking are great features the Amiga has had from the beginning and which have helped it age well.
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