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Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
For the record: SystemPatch was the problem of the crash! BDebug running in 060 mode.

EDIT: Running... I mean no crashing but dont know if works correctly yet. Problems with source window.
You won't see anything in the source window if you open it before you get to _main because there is setup before main(). If you install my config, you can hit the F1 key to take you to _main and then press the '~' key above tab to open a source window and your source should show. My config is attached.

The files in Rexx should go in Sys:Rexx and BARFLY.DebugConfig can either go in the S/Barfly directory where it is installed and a file ENVARC:Barflypath created containing something like "HD:Barfly/S/Barfly" or it can go in your Sys:S/Barfly directory. The window sizes I have saved will work best with a 800x600 screen or larger. F10 will open whatever EA is currently calculated in memory which will be the location in memory of a variable if it is being read or written by an instruction. BDebug could be a little friendlier but it's not bad after understanding a few quirks. Feel free to experiment with and add to my config.
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