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^ Finally a realistic post @ mjnurney

Why give Commodore 100% positive attention all the time? Their products were already getting outdated by the early 90s, and they didn't have the best product strategy in the world (shows, they got bankrupt). They did have some killer products though - the Amiga 1000, 2000 and 500. EDIT: And of course the Commodore 64, how could I forget that one.

A bit off-topic:
I can barely imagine anything more annoying than fanboy Amigans that think that the platform is still superior, and even using it as their only desktop machine... I will probably get quoted now, by some brainwashed religious Amigan that gets information about the Amiga online, shuffling a bit on the text making it look like his own, not knowing anything about the hardware.
"Four (!!TWICE-STEREO!!) 14-bit channels Sophisticated (Low Noise DAC) Audio Resampler w/ Crystal Sharp 0.005 *million* Hertz Low-Pass filter and 2/3-channel state-of-the-art amplitude/frequency modulation, 12-bit "Carefully Picked Natural Color" pixels, Steady Never-Stuttering High-Resolution Mouse System (the best paint artists would never go back!!!), fantastic OS w/ no crashes, no waiting time, no "BLOAT" program Installers, possible to format four drives at once WOW try that on a PC!! loser" etc...

Even a PPC expanded A1200 w/ all possible upgrades is a big hack, there is nothing sophisticated about an overly expanded Amiga. Outdated platform on life-support... Sure it's a fun hobby though, but there is so much BS getting spread about Amiga "still being" revolutionary. Let me not get started on the new "Amiga" (why do they even call it Amiga?) computers that are insanely overpriced and has ancient hardware inside.

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