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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
I wonder if anyone is coming to them daily and saying "prioritise the movie by adding content first and foremost", rather than even more postcards, signatures, computers and old games. As Rebel says, subtitles should be included in the base price. Presumably digital backers are now asked for another 2 pounds to cover postage for postcards!

If their priorities were actually on releasing a long and quality documentary, they'd have a lot more backers for sure. But while the daily updates are even more extraneous junk, people that are interested in the movie have no real motivation to part with their cash.
It's almost as if they're desperate for cash - put me right off future Kickstarters.

Give me a well researched book (or film) without the tat and I'm in. If the Amiga 500's they're giving away are used - 'working' could mean they're yellowed to kingdom come.
Sorry, but I would not part with the best part of £400+ to find out.

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