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More data:

Setpatch 44.38

68060.library 46.15 without dummy040

CPU > System: 68060 68882 (INST: Cache Burst) (DATA: Cache CopyBack)

Showconfig > PROCESSOR: CPU 68060/68060fpu/68060mmu
CUSTOM CHIPS: AA PAL Alice (id=$0023), AA Lisa (id=$00F8)
VERS: Kickstart version 45.57, Exec version 45.20, Disk version 45.3
RAM: Node type $A, Attributes $405 (FAST), at $10000000-$17FFFFFF (128.0 meg)
Node type $A, Attributes $703 (CHIP), at $4000-$1FFFFF (~2.0 meg)

Same WinUAE config.

And BDebug still crash.

What more can I try?

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