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Hmmm. Yes, it works for 640x512 PAL screens like the Workbench, but when I try a Multisync 640x480 or a Picasso IV 320x240 screen the screens look "squashed" on one of its sides, even if I set the aspect correction to "Automatic".

And on RTG, when I open that screen I mentioned earlier, the screen opens centered, but WinUAE doesnt fill the right side with black.

I know there are differences between AGA, Multisync and RTG, however WinUAE could take these differences into account and fix itself, the image proportion relative to the TV.

Everytime I switch from AGA to RTG (and back-and-forth), or start ScummVM RTG or A/NES to play a 320x240 game, I need to fix the screen aspect ratio myself. Not a blame, I can do that, but the emulation could perform like a real Amiga.

After all, its not for that which the aspect ration correction feature exists, and which even an option called "Automatic" exists?
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