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Are there any instructions on how to do this?

I've tried to add my FAT32 formatted USB flash drive using "Add Hard Drive..." in the "Hardware/CD & Hard Drives" tab. I chose IDE:1 for the USB flash drive (IDE:0 is my hardfile for OS4).

When I boot into OS4, the USB flash drive doesn't show up.

When trying to mount the USB flash drive using the "SYS:System/Mounter" tool I get the error "Partition data not found!" (from Mounter)

When trying to install the USB flash drive using MediaToolbox I get the following error from WinUAE: "Block zero write attempt but drive has one or more mounted PC partitions or WinUAE does not have Administrator privileges. Erase the drive or unmount all PC partitions first."

So how should I proceed here? Do I have to run WinUAE with administrator privileges? But I'm a little afraid that it might destroy something it shouldn't...

There really should be an easier method to just copy some files from Windows to OS4.1 if you ask me....
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