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Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
I like BDebug but the problem is that I code mainly under WinUAE and a bit in my 1260 and I can´t make work BDebug (crash #80000003). Tied different configurations without jit and nothing.
Maybe you need to pester Toni Wilen more. Better 68k emulation in UAE is more important than some of the things he has added lately. Debuggers do need accurate 68k emulation to work. BDebug behaves nicely on my 68060 which is one of the most difficult 68k processors to support though.

Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
I´ll try harder this week so please pass me those scripts if I can make It work.
Just PM me if you need them. They are really simple but super useful.

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
That's all I can do and it's extremely frustrating and inefficient

It took me a month to track down a memory allocation bug in ScummVM once using printf statements (large C++ program compiled using gcc).

You get spoiled by these modern tools which have a nice integrated debugger, much more productive.
There isn't much hope for C++ 68k source debugging in the short term (I believe Bernd had a version of GDB working for the 68k but it's not very friendly to begin with). BDebug will load the symbols for GCC C++ compiled programs which helps a lot but you don't get any source level debugging. BDebug is supposed to partially support STABS which GCC can output with a switch but I can't recall ever getting it to work.

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