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Hi all,

We had to update quickly with this because we are very excited to announce 4 new perks today, plus thanks to many suggestions from you a new amiga legends signed postcard set.

New Amiga Bundles!
We have some very limited signed amiga 500 bundles, games, a2 posters and postcards!

Amiga Bundles:
Team 17 (alien breed & super frog) [1 left]
Martin Edmondson (shadow of the beast trilogy) [2 available]
Charles Cecil & Dave Gibbons (beneath a steel sky) [2 available]
Dino Dini (kick off & goal). [2 available]
Bitmap Brothers (chaos engine/ speedball 2) [1 left]
Magnetic Fields signed Amiga bundle [sold out!]

please check out the campaign here to learn more;

Signed 4 x A6 Postcard Packs!
We are delighted to announce new packs of 4 x a6 high quality glossy signed postcard sets available only for backers. Whatever pledge you are currently on if you want these (see below) simply increase your pledge by £40 for signed (pack of 4) or £10 for unsigned (pack of 4) then send us a message stating which game/developer pack you want at

This is a rare opportunity to grab some iconic gaming history from your amiga heroes while helping us in our push towards our stretch goals to create more content!

Autographs include: Bitmap brothers and dan malone, team 17 and alistair brimble, charles cecil and dave gibbons, martin edmondson, legend of football dino dini, and lets not forget magnetic fields!

See postcards here!

Please note for physical customers these postcards will be included with your copy of the film, however for digital customers please add an additional £2.00 for postage and packing!

We are getting some wonderful people coming to us daily with great ideas for perks who like you very much want this film to be the very best it can be. There is little over a week left so please help us go for those stretch goals, please share the campaign wherever possible or give into temptation and grab those perks or signed postcards as it all makes a difference.

See stretch goals!

Thanks as ever for your wonderful support!

Please check out the campaign here to learn more;

Best wishes!

Ant & nic

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