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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Typical amigaland misplaced focus - 3D? What ever for?
Actually, hardware 3D makes more sense on the 68k where CPU performance is limited. A game like Quake may be 15fps on a fast 68060 but with hardware 3D could be a more playable 25fps. Granted, it would be more benefit and easier to back port lower level parts of AmigaOS 4 first but most of that is in ROM where it is not as easy to update. Even starting in the middle with the new graphics.library with integrated P96 and intuition.library for boopsi, Reaction and datatypes would require replacing graphics.library and intuition.library which are in ROM. Amiga 68k users with MAPROM and most FPGA hardware could take advantage but others would lose tens if not hundreds of kB of memory unless there was a new ROM. Where would you propose to "focus", assuming A-Eon gained the rights to AmigaOS 4 and decided to back port parts?
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