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OK, I managed to secure 3 copies of The Amiga Book. If anyone wants one then please PM me. I'll do a strict First Come - First Served approach, as it's the only fair thing I can think of. I'll use the timestamp in my PM inbox.

I'll post the book in an over-sized, cardboard-backed envelope to ensure the postie doesn't try bending the thing in half to get it through your letter box. Postage, including the envelope, is 3.50. Add that to the 9.99 of the book and you get a total of 13.49.

Paypal preferred, but I will accept bank transfer, or cash on collection if anyone lives local to Nottingham.

Please note - I have cursed the books*. If you buy one with the sole intention of trying to sell it on for a ridiculous markup, then all of your computers will turn into Mattel Aquarius' with faulty keyboards and missing CPUs!


*Obviously this is not true. But I'd rather the books went to people who will cherish them
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