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Hello Toni,
thank you again for the continuing improvements you bring to WinUAE!

I don't have much of a bug report yet, but maybe what I experienced rings a bell with you. I found that the sound quality on my netbook is much better with Wasapi and Wasapi EX than with Directsound.

However, I saw WinUAE latest beta crash three times the other day on my Windows 7 netbook after about half an hour of play. Each time, it happened using wasapi and wasapi-EX sound drivers and using the sound-over-hdmi (hooked up to TV). Each time, the WinUAE window closed by itself and a windows dialog popped up mentioning some sound-related dll as the culprit. Sadly I forgot the name of the dll.

It worked perfectly without crashing after I switched to DirectSound (at the expense of quality, e.g. crackling). This never happened in 3.0.0 as far as I can recall. I will try to find out more tonight or in the next few days, and will append configs etc. once I know more.
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