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Hi all,

This weekend we hit our first stretch goal, a postcard of the cover art for all backers, and at time of writing we're very close to the second stretch goal of you all receiving the full set of 4 x post cards.

Thank you for supporting us and taking the time to write so many messages. If any of you have further perk ideas please let us know as we're gearing up now for a final push to hit those stretch goals where we produce more content for all of you!

It makes such a difference when you share and spread the word, there are only a few days left now so please take a moment to tell as many people as you can and share this link;

If you all can find just one person before the end of the campaign it would double our current backers which means we'll be making a lot of content for you all!

In addition have a look back over the perks we currently have, we have ultra rare Magnetic Fields and Bitmaps Bros signed games, posters and hardware, there's Oliver Frey signed material as well. Plus you will see we have put up the picture of the Oliver Frey limited cardboard sleeve for the DVD and Blu-ray copies containing the pre-order only covers, never to be created by us again as we will only do one production run!

Please see updated stretch goal chart below and we'll update the one on the front of the campaign.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Best wishes,

Ant & Nic

1,360 backers
£56,288 pledged
12 days to go
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