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Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
Talk about attention to detail! I actually noticed this on the image before you posted this and wondered how you managed to do that!
You need some specular maps to change randomly the glossiness of the surface.

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Tommes, I wonder is it possible to make money using Lightwave by working from home? What do you think? How good do you have to be? I'm playing around with Lightwave 11 in my spare time and quite enjoy it. Would love to do some 3D modelling for a living eventually. At the moment I'm learning using the old Lightwave 5 videos that are available on the EAB File Server.
Well, biggest disadvantage if you work from home is the transfer of data from and to you. Even with a really fast internet connections it could be no fun at all. On the other hand if you do complete projects with your clients than this wouldn't be an issue as you only submit final renderings as JPGs or videos as mp4s. If you want to work for advertsing agencies I think it would be better to use C4D, Maya or 3DSMax. But there are always companies around which uses LightWave (I do). When it comes down to rendering you could use services like rebus or garagefarm. So no need for an own renderfarm. Well if you are skilled enough go out and make contacts to companies which are in need of some nice CGI
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