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Hmm.. It looks like I only had one crap PSX game after all

That's not true, I just got lazy


Zark, today I got the sequel to Vandal Hearts, Vandal Hearts 2.

I played it for a while... I am no fan of RPGs, but this one looks very promising.

The plot seems to be interesting, but the main thing it's the battle mode. It's a lot like the one from Shining Force (My fav RPG ever), but with the 3D scenarios and more gimmicks, it makes it even better.

The graphics are very interisting. To Mix 3D backgrounds with 2D sprites was a great idea. This way you can have lots of cool efects like rotation and zoom, and still have good, detailed sprites.

The game only misses in the sound department. The music isn't that good, and there's no speech, the dialogues are all written. Well, this takes me back to the Mega-Drive/SNES RPGs age

But it really looks very promising, mainly because of the battle mode (For me, an RPG is made 90% of its battle mode, because that's where the gameplay lies). Maybe it will take Shining Force from the position of my fav RPG ever
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