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Originally Posted by macce2 View Post
Maybe some of you have tried (and used) the CD32 emulator software that came with some cd file system package, was it Cache CDFS ?!
I have made some floppy for that and succesfully played quite a many CD32 games. However, there are some games that don't seem to work.
I think the CD32 emulator installation had some kind of problems; that is, I think the boot floppy disk I made years ago and have used isn't the exactly as it should. So some files may be missing, or there may be some files on the diks that i have added but arent used. (?!)
So by first, I would be very happy if someone thinks he has a properly installed boot floppy disk, he would upload it to the Zone!

Secondly, does there exist some kind of guide/database for correct settings with different CD32 games ?

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm using A4000D with internal IDE CD rom drive, connected to the internal IDE bus.
I used the CD32 Emulator that came with the squirrel drive (it also allows you to use Fast RAM, which makes stuff very smooth) and used OS3.9 cache cdfs. Every single CD32 game I have thrown at it works perfectly.
Only draw back is, it will not play CDTV games.

Squirrel disk is here

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