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More about AdIDE. This problem could be due to WinUAE's default C/H/S not matching what I used in the ICD Format Utility, but the program seems to think lots of sectors are bad for some reason.

I booted icd_ide_scsi.DMS from That disk contains version 2.10 of the ICD Format Utility.

I started with a blank 21,411,840-byte HDF. Boot the disk and run ICD_Formatter. After selecting the drive when the Select Unit to Format requester appears, you're prompted to Enter IBM BIOS Type. It doesn't seem like there's any way to manually specify C/H/S values. lists BIOS drive types and corresponding C/H/S values. I used type 2 which is 615/4/17.

[If you enter 0 or 15 at the BIOS Type requester, the emulated machine crashes/gurus.]

Anyway... I entered 2 for BIOS Type. The Format Utility shows one partition with strange geometry: under Hard Disk/Controller Info it shows C/H/S 615/4/17, but in the partition list it shows LoCyl 2 HiCyl 652???

Next I clicked Partition, leaving Verify Options set to Normal. At the Verifying Hard Drive... stage, it got to about sector 11000, then the Error Sector figure climbs to 120. At that point there is lots of repeated log output:
**** IDE26 command 20
IDE INT 81 -> 09
**** IDE26 command 20
IDE INT 81 -> 09
**** IDE26 command 20
IDE INT 81 -> 09

Once it gets to the end, it says Partitioning, then Not Enough Sectors in Reserved Tracks for Bad Sectors. At that point the Exit button flashes but clicking it does nothing.
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