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Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
I have contacted Frank and this is what Frank told me:

The -g option of vbcc only provides HUNK_SYMBOL (global symbols) and HUNK_DEBUG with LINE-debug entries. Other debug hunks are not documented and SAS/C specific.
That's about what I figured. There is no bug but lack of support for undocumented hunk types. The following link has some info on an unknown SAS/C hunk type but I don't think it is related (there are probably several).

Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
No information about local variables, types or structures are provided by
vbcc. He can make it work with cpr only if there is info about sas/c hunk format so it will be difficult to have support.
It should be possible to watch the memory location of global variables (local variables are tricky because they are only in registers or on the stack). The global variable name should be in the symbol hunk but commonly has an '_' prefix so "variable" would become "_variable". In BDebug, I open a memory window and change the address where I can enter "_variable" (make sure the mem window is not linked to a register). I have an ARexx script using F10 which will open a mem window at the current CPU EA which is the variable if it is currently being read or written (global variables will show in the disassembly window if absolute addressing is used). I also have an ARexx script (F1 key) which takes me to "_main", the start of main() with vbcc, GCC and SAS/C compiled programs. BDebug is less buggy and, IMO, more powerful overall even if it is not configured as well for source debugging and requires some reading of the manual. I can give you my ARexx scripts and my config if you want.
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