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About AdIDE...

The ROM enables booting from floppy drives 1-3 on Kickstart 1.x.

There should probably be a ROM Disabled option to allow use with Kickstart 1.2.

I used ICDPrepHD to partition an HDF and installed WB 1.3.2 to it. The HDF boots to Workbench fine. After doing that, if I press Ctrl-A-A to reset I get a yellow screen with flashing power LED and this log text:
Exception 3 (8a80007) at f80f50 -> f80404!
That was with Kickstart 2.04 or 3.1/ECS/2MB chip/8MB fast config. Perhaps some incompatibility with the ICD boot ROM? No problem with Kickstart 1.3.

With Kickstart 2.05 (37.350) on resetting one time WinUAE crashed. Other times the emulated machine hangs at a white screen. Pressing Ctrl-A-A again gets it to boot the HDF. Apart from the crash which I couldn't reproduce both those problems might happen on real hardware.

(Remove .zip extension from the HDF archive filename before unpacking.)
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