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CD32 emulator settings etc.

Maybe some of you have tried (and used) the CD32 emulator software that came with some cd file system package, was it Cache CDFS ?!
I have made some floppy for that and succesfully played quite a many CD32 games. However, there are some games that don't seem to work.
I think the CD32 emulator installation had some kind of problems; that is, I think the boot floppy disk I made years ago and have used isn't the exactly as it should. So some files may be missing, or there may be some files on the diks that i have added but arent used. (?!)
So by first, I would be very happy if someone thinks he has a properly installed boot floppy disk, he would upload it to the Zone!

Secondly, does there exist some kind of guide/database for correct settings with different CD32 games ?

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm using A4000D with internal IDE CD rom drive, connected to the internal IDE bus.
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