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>Abbaye des Morts [..] an AGA version?
Certainly an AGA version is possible
In fact the current OS3 version NOT TRULY NEED a 68020 but as it used RTG so I compiled it for 020 to prevent from running it on a slow cpu machine
(In fact the OS3 version was only maded to compile and test inside WinUAE. The true goal was to make an OS4 version)
Keep i mind that it is a port not a native A500 game : for example it redraw all at each frame ==> will need some enhancements to make an A500 version

Now the sources are very clean : It no more use SDL and all the OS dependant stuffs are in amigaos.c so porting this 2.1 version to ANY platforms is easy

>Nice to have this so that i don't have to finish that game in backbone.
Please finish your game : I am a BIIIIIIG Ghost goblins fan

BTW does backbone save the game as a binary config file too ? (not only as script)
I mean Is it possible for me to code a backbone-player for OS4 ?

Alain Thellier

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