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Business men , success ones at least have to be ruthless to certain degree. The dollar comes first and last.

Bill gates is not evil , he's an amazingly bright guy who was driven and clever enough to make it in the computer industry and by luck he happened to supply basic to IBM.

Now I'm not a gambling man but back in the 70s if I knew one of the biggest companies in the world needed my basic , I'd write it too.

Commodore was and is still seen as a toy company who made fun computers, the Amiga never sold in huge numbers. Apple were an odd hippy company with no money. atari made games machines.

Who would you make basic for ? And that is why bill gates is rich and he has only given money away because Paul Allen almost died of cancer and bills mum did die of cancer and his money could not help her. That's why he gives millions to charity.

And of course it looks good to American politicians.

You can make the greatest thing in the world..but if it's not popular it will be forgotten.

As for evil companies , MS is up there but so is Intel and Commodore. Jack shut down plenty of rivals and suppliers in his time. He was pretty much hated by business.

Jay will only be remembered by amiga and atari guys.

Ibm has Ms dos
The Mac had a GUI

To the public nothing much else happened.
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