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@comments - I would guess the Amiga Bundles are 'As New' even if they were pre-owned, they come in the box. It would be impossible to find a sealed boxed un-opened A500 machine from back in the day without it being a collectors item inside a security sealed cage somewhere. I dont think they found 15 brand new sealed production line Amiga A500s for this.

Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
Is this project primarily an Amiga documentary or is a big chunk of it a pile of junk from the $2 shop?
The Amiga disk beer matts are actually high quality, and durable, and should be worth the perk. But the real perk, which nobody had mentioned, are the boing ball pin badges. I know places have tried to sell these before and been shut down because the logo is copyright, and the owners make all their money from sueing. These badges arent cheap tin tack-ons made from milk bottle tops. They are heavy duty steel, and will not wash away in the washing machine. They are unavailable to buy anywhere, and are only availabale here as a free gift; where no money changes hands for their direct value, and no money is made on the copyright image. Yeah, its crap, and I have seen rip offs and stickers of boing balls all over the place, but secretly this is quite special.
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