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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
Thanks a lot, i've used vbcc to port the BSD2.11 userland on top of AmigaOS. Lets see if vbcc 0.9d breaks anywhere on that :-)
There are already several fixes since the vbcc 0.9d release so let us know if you have any problems.

Originally Posted by BigFan View Post
From vbcc release notes:
Line debug. No symbol hunk is generated, no variable names are saved. Debug info is path to source and line numbering. You can trace run your code and watch what happens to your real output, but you'll be unable to set watches for your vars and functions.
There is most definitely symbols and line debug with -g. Without -g there is neither. I can confirm with BDebug and disassemblers like ADis.

Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
Oh! Thanks BigFan. Now I know It's not my fault. I hope vbcc add symbol debug.
GCC symbols give the same error as vbcc symbols. Symbol output is fairly generic and more common than line debug. I doubt there is a problem with the vbcc or vlink symbol debug output but CPR may expect special SAS/C embedded debug data or CPR may lack robustness in it's symbol loading code (it is designed to only load SAS/C produced executables). It may be possible to add what SAS/C needs to get symbols working. I can confirm the problem with watching symbols and getting the "can't find symbol" error. Frank may be able to add support if you let him know or if he sees this thread.
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