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Newsletter 13th March 2015
Hi all,

Very quick update here mainly because of recurring questions on how to get our 'Making of Jet Set Willy' documentary released only last week.

Currently this documentary is only available for original 'From Bedrooms to Billions' customers who also back(ed) our new Amiga Years campaign at any level. If you don't already know about the Amiga Years! you can read about it below but you will receive a ‘free’ download link of our Making of Jet Set Willy documentary which has never been released before in any form.

It is a 10 minute film starring Jet Set Willy creator Matthew Smith and offers insight into how the game was made for the ZX Spectrum but also for the Commodore 64 as Shahid Ahmad is also featured in this short documentary, we hope you enjoy it and it is our way of saying thank you for backing our new project.

To receive it simply back The Amiga Years! (at any level) here and then write to saying ‘backed’ and we will send you back a download link to watch the making of Jet Set Willy.

The Amiga Years!

As many of you will know we are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to produce a whole new feature film on the Commodore Amiga, how the computer was created and then what it meant for the video games industry.

We decided to offer a loyalty incentive to you all last week which was the Jet Set Willy Documentary (see above) as well as the four A6 postcards (shown below), which represent every created cover ever for the original From Bedrooms to Billions. They are highly unique as we do not intend to make them again, they are available only to you and to get them all you need do is back our new campaign and email us at with the words ‘backed!’ Please note while you will receive the Jet Set Willy download link right away the post cards will only be shipped as a perk item with the Amiga Years film released in early January 2016!

Elite A2 Poster
In addition anyone of you who kindly pledges on The Amiga Years on a £65 tier or higher as the 4 x A6 postcards and Making of Jet Set Willy will also receive this very high quality, glossy A2 Elite Poster.

(see above) as soon as the campaign ends. This is obviously on top of any rewards listed in the Amiga Years Campaign! Simply write back to us with 'backed elite' and we'll note you down to receive the poster as well as the postcards and Jet Set Willy documentary.

Exclusive Perks
Last week there were 3 very rare and exclusive perks, and now there is just one left (see below)! This will have to be treated on a first come first served basis, if you are interested please email on

David Braben Elite, Boxed BBC Micro, copy of Elite, A2 high quality glossy Elite poster all signed by David Braben, plus copes of both From Bedrooms to Billions posters signed by Oliver Frey.

This item is finished, signed and ready to ship! As we’re sure you will appreciate we can’t really put these very original ‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ specific items up within an Amiga film campaign, but even if we could we feel they must be offered to you all first.

Outstanding From Bedrooms to Billions Perks!
Despite the current Kickstarter campaign we are only really working on outstanding perks right now. We had to postpone the soundtrack signing this week and move to next week due to a change in availability of those providing the signatures, also GDC and the Rezzed events have caused a hold up. However as we said before we have all the items and stuff is shipping every week now. Please feel free to drop us a line at if you have any specific questions.

25% Discount on 2.5 hours Digital Extras.
We are working with the VHX software and are currently trying out a 25% discount on the digital 2.5 hours of extras currently available.

This bundle contains numerous game makings of and extended interviews including makings of Wizball, Speedball II, The Sentinel, Elite and many more. Just click this link to automatically receive the 25% off;

And finally…

Thank you for so many more great messages about The Amiga Years! We announced some stretch goals based very much on making more content because we actually hit our funding goal this week! Thanks to so many of you who backed us because we got a lot of Jet Set Willy requests from you! So the Amiga Years! film is happening and we are due to start pre-production in April, therefore we want all outstanding perks shipped by then.

Please share and support our new campaign The Amiga Years! here;

As usual feel free to write to us at We really enjoy hearing from you, especially so many great ideas on The Amiga Years...very good ones in fact! That's what we love about this way of making films, the community such as you taking the time and interest to share their thoughts. We did actually say this last week but so many of you took the time to write that many of you seem keen to see a really well produced film on the Amiga, but importantly the era it represents that we've kept it the same in the hope you continue to write. The Demo scene gets mentioned a lot so rest's going to be very well represented!

Until next time!

Best wishes.

Ant & Nic
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