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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Another World was not a platform game in any sense, it is really more like an interactive movie, like Dragon's Lair, where you just have to learn the sequence of moves to perform. But even getting killed is a sort of reward in itself because you get to see all the cool animated death scenes.
Yah, I agree that Another World/Flashback/Prince of Persia are not really platform games. They are puzzle-come-interactive movies. I never cared for them myself.

I did always like the Oddworld series on the PSX though. I thought they improved on the formula.

Clearly you've never made it pass the first world of Sonic 1.
Definitely. The second level of Sonic 1 is a relaxing maze where you spend just as much time going left instead of right. Sonic 1 had amazing level design. If all you ever played was Sonic 2 I can see why someone might think it was a 'push right' fest.
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