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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Why would you want to? Why do you make it so complicated?

Go to Quickstart, select A4000/CSPPC.
Go to Expansions, add PicassoIV Z3
Go to Harddrives, add a HDF or VHD to Accelerator SCSI 0 and the CD drive or ISO to Accelerator SCSI 1.
Save the config and start.
When you see the disk animation, press Ctrl-Win-Win and hit Esc to enter the CSPPC menu. In the menu go to SCSI options, double click unit 1 and change "No CD mount" to "CD boot".
Click use, return and save, then watch it going.
my point is that I can't deselect the SCSI anymore as per my above posts.

will deinstall WinUAE, and the reinstall and then see the 'magic' happen as you describe.
It's not that I have chosen to make it complicated, I just want it to work.

Unless there is a way to completely reset this (not even loading the original setup resets this SCSI to empty).
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