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I have never been big fan of Sonic style games, I like to explore levels with my own speed. Sonic Adventure looks fantastic on Dreamcast, but when I play it on emulator I always discover some gliches that throw me out of map, that's stop me from enjoying this game. I like much more Sonic 1,2 and Sonic CD on Sega CD, they can be fast but they are not "mindless" I meen You need to control how fast You go to reach different places, too fast and You will miss them or land on traps, too slow and You wont reach some platforms or not pass some wall-runs. Sonic games got great paralax backgrounds with many layers - I like that effect when You go somewher low from high and see how big those backgrounds are. Music is also awesome, very addicting. Boss battles are easy (typical hit and avoid).

Most similar game to Sonic on Amiga is Chaos Kid, sometimes I turn it on just to play few first levels and that feel of speed.

There are games that try to be like Mario, and there are games that try to be like Sonic, some platform games like Flasback are "platforms" because they just look like that but play in a different way, more like adventure game where You need to solve puzzle and colect important items. I do not think that interactive-movie is good description, sure there are some nice animations, but You are still in controll for most moments. Dragon's lair was example how much bad those interactive-movie games could be in terms of gameplay.
In platform games You have diversity of gameplay styles, some are based on speed, other ones on runing with gun, etc. etc.

You know, everybody got bit different taste
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