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Newsletter 12 March

Hi everyone,

A big thank you is in order for all of you tonight because we smashed through the £50k mark in less than 13 days and have reached our initial funding target. Thanks to your belief and support we have a realistic chance of hitting the stretch goals!

We are going to use these last 17 days to go for those stretch goals to create more content and let's be honest we all want to get one of those beer mat floppies!

We know there's more than 1,000 Amiga fans out there we just have to find them and tell them about what we're all trying to achieve here. So please share the Kickstarter link to at least one other person, tell anyone you think maybe a fan of the Amiga because there is so much we can do if we can open up for more content. If each backer brought just one new backer in each (doubling our backer numbers) then Nic and I will be filling two discs for you (or 5 hours if you're a digital backer)

Link as always to share is;

Bitmap Bonanza!

Also we have the pleasure in announcing a Bitmap Brothers Signed Amiga Bundle! This is Bitmap Co-founder Mike Montgomery and legendary artist Dan Malone signing a boxed and working Amiga 500 plus copies of Speedball II, Chaos Engine and glossy A2 Posters. Very highly sought after collectible items there and our thanks to those guys for offering to help. Having spoken to them both only recently they are really pleased this film is now going to get made.

Thank you all for believing and backing, we are going to try and come up with more items and bits and pieces along the way. We like running open and fun campaigns (otherwise what's the point) so keep the suggestions and comments coming. However for tonight please give yourselves a firm pat on the back for getting this film funded. For Nicola and I we now know for certain it's 'Game On!'

Best wishes,

Ant & Nic
Moderators note, since this newsletter was launched this morning, all the Bitmaps Bundles have now GONE! So this post is a bit redundant. But its great they are moving towards the first stretch goal.

1,214 backers
£52,197 pledged of £65,000 first large stretch goal
16 days to go
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