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Originally Posted by Decker View Post
If the tactical view actually scales to resolution, I guess a lot of the entire maps fit into a single screen @ 1080.

Pixel art looks really nice viewed in modern resolutions, if done properly. Red Alert 2, for example is awesome.

As far as Amiga UFO goes, just give me AGA version with ECS music and I'd be happy.
Settings I use makes game look the same as it looked on Amiga or DOS. One problem I had, from what I remember replaying it on Win98/DOS back in the day is that even @ Pentium 133 game run way too fast in geospace, so I had to use CPU throttle to play it.

Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Does that mean the AGA version doesn't have music?

I've never played it on Amiga before (only the Win compatible re-edition), but I've always wanted to give it a spin. I hope no features are cut from the PC version
I am not sure, I never played AGA version, but I played a lot OCS/ECS version but never completed the game on an Amiga. IMHO it was very simillar, if not the same.

I know that DOS version had many bugs, there was patch, and this new version fixes all of those issues and adds tons of features. Not sure if those bugs were fixed in Amiga version or not.

My kids find background music eerie ...
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