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Here is another popular title, just like Mario that I disliked: I think the worst "platform" game I've ever played for the Amiga was the "Flashback" and "Another World" duo. Omg, I've never played anything more annoying and clunky. I remember going right and having to spend very long and very careful (!) minutes on hitting leeches with my foot. What I remember is that those leeches definitely had perhaps 1 single pixel hotspot and if you tapped your foot too soon or too early, you'd die. You also get a cutscene each and every time you die from those leeches. I still have images in my mind with a black "thing" with a white claw with a little blood on it in my brain. I think that only when I'll die I'll get rid of that image stuck in my mind - either that or a lobotomy, or a garbage collector to rid me of those futile images. Talk about mind control...

I'm not kidding: right from the very start, you have to swim your way out of the pool. You also have to be quick about it because tentacles will grab you and pull you down, or you would drown. At least from what I remember.... And yes, you die again.

Then, again, if you did something you should not do - within seconds (!) in very many cases, yep, you guessed it, you would die. I had that lion chase me for quite a while till I figured out how to get rid of it. Then you had to start over, and repeat, and do that over and over again till you get it right. It got so tedious after a while... Hell, I would have taken anything over it. I've heard that people practiced swearing in front of "Mario Kart" but I really had to wash my hand with soap after playing "Flashback".

The controls were a nightmare - for a "guy in distress", I remember how he took like 500ms to turn around from left to right and run in the other direction. Of course, that time was precious, because the game requires like 1 second or less reactions to the environment. So, yeah, in most cases if you changed your mind half-way and wanted to make the guy run the other way, he took a while and yes, the lion caught up with you and then, yep, you... would... die!

People classify "Flashback" and "Another World" as an adventure, but for me, it is a pure jump & run (ok, jump exactly when you're supposed to and run exactly when you're supposed to - I'm not kidding, 1 second intervals and 1 pixel boundaries) overrated piece of garbage.

I also majorly disliked the graphics and, to me, they just looked cold, frivolous and boring. Although, yes, to the "post-modern" art appreciator, perhaps a black blob running through the screen is an amazing representation of a lion. And perhaps, a planar expressionless face has a great resonance with Picasso adepts. I really just found it dull and boring - then again, I like more colourful worlds (I could name a few).

Then you had the "so-called" puzzles that were not particularly logical in any way. Essentially you would brute-force your way up to some point, then you would die, then you would brute-force your way again, perhaps, going further this time and then die again. After a few cycles of doing that, you progressed the game farther.

I'll toss "Flashback" into the fire anytime. I know it's popular and that it is praised high and low. I played the first time on the Sega at a shop and I remember that we (the kids) changed the game very fast given the other options (ie: Sonic, etc...).

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