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Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
I have tried this version with -g -hunkdebug -bamigahunk and a few other (´-lamiga etc etc) to can debug with CPR (SASC debugger).
I can see the source code in the debugger but if I try to "Watch" a variable it says "Can´t find symbol".
Perhaps I don´t generate full debugger info but I have read the vbcc manual and don´t know what to do.
Any ideas mates?
Compiling using vbcc 0.9d with -g should give symbols as well as SAS/C style line debug allowing sources to be shown. You don't need to give any other debugging options. I have not had any problems with symbols in BDebug (from Barfly archive on Aminet) or with any disassemblers I use. You can also read executables looking for symbol texts at the bottom to verify. Have you tried to "Watch" a variable in a SAS/C compiled program with symbols to see if you get the same error?
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