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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
If I insert somedisk.DMS, the filename is shown in the status bar as somedisk.adf instead.
It is internal name after dms has been decompressed. Original name is gone at this point. Not sure if fixing this is worth the trouble.

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Testing GVP Series I emulation with the v3.15 ROM. With an empty/blank 50MB HDF I booted gvp.impact.seriesii.DMS in DF0:

At Workbench run FaaastPrep. Click Automatic Installation. In the Number of Partitions string gadget type 1 and press return. Click Prep/Format then Proceed. After formatting is finished you're asked
Insert your boot disk or any other disk
in DF0: to be copied to DH0:

Click Proceed. The first few files copy OK, but when copying DF0:c/Ed the SCSI emulation seems to lock up/hang, with many lines of scsi_send_data() without direction! in the log.
Use -scsiemulog and check what is the unknown SCSI command that triggers the error? (Should be just before first unknown direction message)
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