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Pc 720 adf

It started with Diskspare disks. Some are normal 880kb and some are 960kb diskspare formatted disks. The problem is that they all share the same extention of .adf, so they all look the same in the folder. Some would boot by double clicking some not (as they were 960kb).

Now I had the idea that if I could change the extension to say .960, would they still load in WinUAE? And the answer was yes. Great, so I made an icon for the .960 disks and added winuae.960 into the registry. Now looking at the diskspare folder you can see which disks are bootable and which disks are 960kb.

Another disk format that was hard to tell apart from ADF's was PC 720kb disks. Following on from the above success I renamed PC-DD.adf's to PC-DD.720.

I then mounted PC0: and put the .720 image into DF0: but the disk wouldn't load. The same image renamed to back to PC-DD.adf loaded fine.

So my question is, can WinUAE be made to mount PC formatted disks without the need for the .adf extension or is it to do with Crossdos/MSDOS ?

EDIT: Just thought I would mention that the PC_DD images are from a real Amiga and not Custom Images created in WinUAE.

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