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My copy arrived today. For some reason I was expecting a hardback book with large pages. In reality it looks like it is printed on A5 and whilst the cover is shiny it's not a hardback.

But all the same, it looks like a nice little book. Very visual with a few words on each game about who published it , developed it, when it was released, the country it was written in and a short sentence or two why about the game rules.

I've not sat down to read it (it's more of a picture book) but the images are good quality on good paper and just flipping through it has made me smile at some of the screenshots. (I totally forgot about the Hunter game, and the caravans on the cars in Skidmarks).

Maybe a bit pricey for £25 but this is a niche market and if they sell out it may not get a reprint.

Anyway, good stuff!
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