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Thanks for many suggestions.

To be honest I don't want to drop the stimulating word because...(my post #10).
On the other hand,
I'm afraid someone feels that "Send this game to sadly wankers!".
Of course I don't mean such intention.

In game, I didn't mention that the main actor is a wanker.
All that we can is just imagination(suspecting that he might be a wanker).
Each player has to fill the role of such a poor man,
and kill each other in a stagnant situation.
This plot is "a GLOOMY story" which I wanted to mean.

BTW I want to avoid "onanist" word.
In Japan, 99.9% people know "onanie" word,however,
99.9+% people don't know "wanker" word.
So I thought "wanker" becomes a cool slang(secret language) instead "onanist"
when I was developing this game.
But when I tested EAB mates' reactions...,

...Anyway, "Wet Dream" seems the nearest our goal at this time.
(Thanks a lot,matthey!)

Any suggestions after reading this my comment?

And, what do you think my English at "Story" screens?
Were you able to understand storyline?

In the summer 2014,I also planned "Immoral Cumbat AGA" as Gloom MOD.
Needless to say I had to use penis for gun's sprite and objects.
Unfortunately it becomes illegal in my country unless we add a mosaic effect to the penis.
"Immoral Cumbat with mosaic effects" = pointless to port...

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