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While I was doing something else with X-Com, I remember reading about this on DOS gamers web site and decided to give it a go... but with different 'grown up' goal - make it fast and easy to beat game... as I don't have as much time as I used to have back in days when I finished game first time on real DOS machine.

This little version of game is astonishing, as you can do whatever you like to do, for example, you can edit in game rules, so instead of taking 20 days to build something, you can set it to be 1 day. Both, game rules as well saves are text format YAML style, so you can use Notepad++ for easy edit (just enable YAML in language menu once you open file).

So add yourself 100 million, change all characters to 200 in all attributes just text file away, and if you know how to use regular expression, you can even script whole thing. In rules you can change for example housing to give 500 instead of regular 50 spaces, or even better, create base the way you like it (you can remove build time in save state) and once done, copy over the same buildings from base to base. You can do anything you like in game... (even change contributions from nations to your cause )

I love what they have done to interface and game windows, witch is adjustable to full-screen, windows, and all resolution your monitor supports. It properly uses mouse wheel to scroll in list, or zoom in/out. Also just to note, its supported on $hitload of OS-es and now you can even import your old original DOS version 'saves'. Also not to forget, state count is unlimited now, and as I mentioned, all of them are in text format.

EDIT: Forgot to mention mods, as this allows you to install bunch of mods, some of them well made for example replace UFO crafts or mission landscape, while other introduce new technology to research and manufacture... this adds lots to game's re-playability...

Anyone who loves x-com - you have to try this little gem...

How about creating your own missions?

DosGamer's page on Open-X-Com

Official Open-X-Com site

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