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Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
I didn't too far with Samba. I thought SMBFS was, more or less, a front end for Samba. Either way, if it is not Win7 friendly then not really worth it.
Samba is a SMB server, SMBFS is a SMB client. You need SMBFS to access a network share. It is not a front end for anything.

Samba is used to create a network share. In most cases it is not needed.

All I really need is to share a drive/folder. Is there a way to share a NAS box between WinUAE and Windows?
Yes. Windows can access the NAS out of the box, on AmigaOS you can use SMBFS to do the same.

Even easier, is there a Windows program that can read/write to HDFs like a mounted device? And share it with WinUAE at the same time is the catch.
Writing to a HDF while it is mounted to WinUAE is the same as mounting the same harddrive to two different operating systems at the same time: it corrupts sooner or later.
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