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Originally Posted by invent View Post
I thought I would spend a few moments seeing what's possible with the rework of the score panel. Could be lots of possible ideas though

reduced some of the bevelled clutter and aligned some elements
Appreciate the effort, but this won't be used i'm afraid.

With the exception of some minor enhancements, it will simply be a conversion of the ST original.

If I decide to actually program a conversion entirely from scratch, then of course different and improved graphics will be appreciated, but Starquake will not be one of them i'm afraid, it has a certain charm in its simplicity.

The only way it could or should be improved is TOTALLY overhauled, not little bits that barely make it better than the ST version, or, frankly, the ST could still have achieved.

Don't want to sound harsh, but I don't want people putting lots of effort into something that simply won't happen.

However, this game desperately needs intro graphics, i've got an idea for a humourous intro with decent quality speech involving the main character, just need volunteers that want to contribute to it
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