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I went ahead and bought a Gotek Floppy Emulator and a TTL cable to program it. Should be here around April-ish. Also bought a Amiga RGB to Scart cable (with audio) from AmiKit. I have a Scart to HDMI converter so it shouldn't be an issue.

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Again, depends on what you want to do with the Amiga. If you just want to play games from floppy, then you should probably just stick with 1.2 as 3.1 will only mean problems with compatibility and no real benefit. KS3.1 is only really useful if you want to use Workbench or other tools.
I'm mostly going to use it for games but I do want to get Workbench 3.1 at least running on it.

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To get the clock working again, you can install something like this:

Then you can install a common CR2032 cell. Notice that a lithium cell cannot be charged and may in fact explode if you try to charge it, which is why this board has a diode on it to prevent charging of the battery.
I might go for this... Depends on if I don't mind not having a functional clock every time I boot the machine up.

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If your Rev 5 is NTSC then you won't be able to use the ACA500 card as it has compatibility issues with this.
I was actually thinking about going the Kipper2k route anyways after reading about that.

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