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Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
Nice work!
But unlucky choice with the ZNES emulator... Though this remains fairly popular, it is considered obsolete and extremely inacurate (plus it is not supported anymore). Not knowing better, I had the bad luck to start with this... The emulator did run most of the games but -unfortunately- it did with huge lags and framedrops (for no apparent reason). Some games were still playable and you could only notice the framedrop with the slow playing music. Others (ex. Aladdin) simply crawled from the start.
Up to this day I regret not having the patience to look a bit further... this totally ruined my experience with FFIII which I did finish using ZNES.
At some point I saw a video with footage of FFIII running on real hardware and I was like... wtf! So I did my research and I finally settled with BSNES which instantly solved all issues I had.
Are you using "Windows 8" or "Windows 8.1" per chance?

Noticed that both emulators didn't run very well at all on these operating systems when I tested this afternoon...
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